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My Story

In 2016 I decided to take a bet on myself and follow a lifelong dream to be an entrepreneur. That led to the birth of Cacao Media, which was co-founded with my partner, Joseph Efraim.

We quickly gained success and attained the recognition of a HubSpot Diamond partner and was often asked what was our secret. Honestly, the only trick I had was to give away as much of my knowledge as I could. I wanted to empower my customers to become self-sufficient on the platform and be able to work independently of me. I therefore often hosted free all-day HubSpot workshops, and webinars as well as held countless consultation hours with various HubSpot customers (most of whom were never my direct customers).

But the thing is my time was not scaleable. So I wrote this book to help as many customers as possible in order to finally get some sleep :)

I, therefore, hope you get some benefit from it and can implement the tips and strategies suggested in order to reach your business goals.

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"Remember HubSpot is just a tool. And without your strategy and input, it will not yield the results you expect."

Go beyond the pages of this Book

Today I no longer own my agency as it was sold to ScaleOps, another HubSpot Diamond Partner. And in May 2022 I joined HubSpot in the role of Partner Engagement Manager with the goal of helping HubSpot scale its services to more partners. I therefore no longer consult with clients directly but have picked a handful of consultants whom I've worked with over the years to help you further.

They each specialise in a specific area of HubSpot such as Salesforce Integrations or sales processes, or come with specific industry knowledge of using HubSpot to scale multinational corporations or SaaS companies. So feel free to reach out to any of them for further help with your business processes.

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