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Virtual Book Tour

Here are some resources to help you understand how to build better GTM processes for your business and build a lead generation machine that converts to sales.


Hear from speakers like Sangram Vajra, past co-Founder of Terminus and author of the book MOVE, Marcus Sheridan, Founder of IMPACT Branding & Design Agency and author of They Ask You Answer and many more...

Together these books and talks give you the strategy to help you understand how to maximise the ROI from HubSpot.

Recession Proof GTM Strategies with Sangram Vajre

Go-To-Market has always been one of those concepts that companies find tricky to implement. They know they need it but there aren't always sure how to go about implementing it. So I decided to bring on the master of GTM processes, Sangram Vajre to walk us through his MOVE Framework so we can learn how to implement GTM for any company regardless of its size or stage.

Why Massive Layoffs Occur

Recently we've experienced companies doing massive layoffs and as employees we often blame ourselves and think we did something wrong. Here Sangram explains why these layoffs occur and offer some tips on how to approach your next interview.

Recession Proof Inbound Strategies with Marcus Sheridan

In this discussion, we speak to the Master of Inbound to show us the marketing strategies he used in the last recession of 2008 to save his swimming pool business. Marcus Sheridan is the author of "They Ask, You Answer" and co-owner of IMPACT, a HubSpot Elite Agency, that has taught hundreds of businesses to take ownership of their growth and helps their sales teams attract a steady flow of higher qualified leads.

Recession Proof Sales Strategies with Lyndon Brathwaite

If you're feeling stuck or not sure how exactly to strategize your business this year, quarter or month, this conversation should give you some inspiration.  Lyndon H. Brathwaite, owner of OPAAT- SWY a Platinum HubSpot Agency, shares with us some of the marketing and sales strategies he uses to win business in his local territory.

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