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Understand how to use HubSpot correctly

For any B2B industry in which you operate

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Who Is The Book For?

Agency Employees

Started a new job at an agency but never worked with HubSpot before? This book is your trainer.

New Customers

Just got HubSpot and not sure where to begin? This book is your step-to-step guide to show you exactly what to do.

Existing Customers

Have HubSpot for some time but still feel there is more you can do. This book will show you what.


Want to show your customers you are an expert? This book will give you the tools and fill in the gaps.


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HubSpot Success Coaches

HubSpot Tip of the Week

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Adjusted Open Rates

HubSpot has created an adjusted open rate to help you better understand real human engagement. Recent email privacy protection updates limit how much data we can collect about the email recipient. This is because the open rates may include machine-opens (emails opened by your contacts' email service provider) versus emails opened by an actual human.

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